Three Waxing Accessories That Are a Must-Have

Posted on: 31 March 2020


Waxing is one of the most crucial parts of the beauty and grooming industry. Most spa owners understand that to have a successful waxing business, you need to think about hiring a professional who has perfected the waxing technique. In addition to this, however, you also need to have the right waxing tools and accessories. The experience of an aesthetician will mean very little if the tools they are using are subpar. Here are the three waxing accessories which you have to make part of your daily waxing routine.

Good Quality Wax

There are thousands of companies that produce wax for the beauty industry. Sadly, not all of them can match the quality needed for an excellent waxing. Many manufacturers will claim that they have the perfect combination of ingredients to make an excellent waxing solution, and it can be challenging to find the perfect mix. However, it is advisable to pick waxes made from natural resin. Additionally, look for added moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, honey, rose and others that will leave the skin of your client feeling cool and invigorated.

The Wax Heaters

Another important accessory to think of is the wax heater. There are some aestheticians who believe in high-melting-point wax, while others believe in waxes with a low melting point. However, the one thing that is common in both types of wax is that the heaters determine how well the temperature of the wax will be regulated during the waxing process. Pick pots with excellent temperature control systems because the temperature of the wax can turn into a risk factor in the waxing process.

The Waxing Strips

The strips you use for the waxing process are as important as the wax itself. There are some hard waxes which are easily ripped off using the hands; however, most of the other wax types are soft and need a cloth or paper strip to remove them. There are various wax cloth or paper strips in the market, and your responsibility is to pick the ones that will not rip into shreds in the process or get stuck in the wax, worsening the pain for the client.

Other waxing accessories that you need to look into include oil and powders, the antiseptic cream to be applied on the skin before the waxing and aloe-based gel for soothing the skin after the removal of hair. When you have the right accessories, you are assured that your clients will have a positive waxing experience and they will keep coming back. 

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